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JP-H0965201-A: 静止画入力装置 patent, JP-H0965406-A: Monitor system using mobile radio patent, JP-H0965552-A: 建物内配線構造 patent, JP-H0965895-A: α2 −プラスミンインヒビタ−の測定方法及び測定試 薬 patent, JP-H0966590-A: Sheet for ic card patent, JP-H0966667-A: 2色感熱記録材料 patent, JP-H0966985-A: ポジ型フォトレジスト液用容器 patent, JP-H0967774-A: 防汚性カーペット patent, JP-H0968548-A: 停電検出回路 patent, JP-H0968589-A: 原子炉用燃料ペレットの外径測定装置 patent, JP-H0968806-A: Original holder for photocomposing machine patent, JP-H0969232-A: Objective-lens driving device patent, JP-H0969343-A: カラー陰極線管 patent, JP-H0969702-A: 誘電体フィルタ patent, JP-H096972-A: 線描画方法および装置 patent, JP-H0969978-A: Image pickup device patent, JP-H0970628-A: パンチプレス patent, JP-H0970821-A: Wire type processing-cutting device patent, JP-H0971067-A: カード patent, JP-H0971149-A: 制動エネルギ回生装置 patent, JP-H097118-A: 薄膜磁気ヘッド patent, JP-H0971356-A: Sheet carrier device patent, JP-H0971443-A: 安全合わせガラス用中間膜 patent, JP-H0971460-A: Dielectric porcelain composition patent, JP-H0971930-A: 地盤改良工法 patent, JP-H0972160-A: Fixed frame of partition or the like patent, JP-H0972586-A: Suction air cooling system patent, JP-H09727-A: パチンコ機 patent, JP-H0972886-A: Metal detector patent, JP-H0972911-A: 化学分析装置のユーザインターフェース patent, JP-H0973347-A: 多段階折り畳み式キーボード patent, JP-H0973909-A: 溶融炭酸塩型燃料電池 patent, JP-H0974374-A: ディジタルフィルタ patent, JP-H0974400-A: 圧縮伸張バッファ回路 patent, JP-H0975220-A: 電気湯沸かし器 patent, JP-H0975831-A: 回転霧化静電塗装方法 patent, JP-H0976014-A: Method for coiling steel strip and device therefor patent, JP-H0976420-A: 膜材料およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H0976456-A: Squeegee aligning device patent, JP-H0976624-A: インクジェット記録シート patent, JP-H0976921-A: ステアリングホイール装置 patent, JP-H0977367-A: Tie wire winding device patent, JP-H0977661-A: 抗ヘリコバクターピロリ剤 patent, JP-H0977689-A: オレフィン類の水素添加方法 patent, JP-H0978614-A: Inverted construction method combined with pre-strutting patent, JP-H097881-A: Manufacture of electronic part patent, JP-H0980785-A: 電子写真感光体及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H0981027-A: 点字作成システム patent, JP-H0982013-A: Head transferring mechanism of magnetic recording/ reproducing device patent, JP-H0983952-A: Image pickup device patent, JP-H0984156-A: Operation abnormality monitoring system patent, JP-H0984860-A: Antibacterial working method for fiber patent, JP-H0985917-A: Metal sheet coating film, coated metal sheet, and thier manufacture patent, JP-H0986030-A: Method for forming patterns to polyester article patent, JP-H0988140-A: 点検蓋の取付構造 patent, JP-H0988508-A: Turbine oil flushing device patent, JP-H0988858-A: 回転式圧縮機 patent, JP-H0989043-A: 動吸振装置 patent, JP-H0989505-A: Bearing height measuring device for half plain bearing patent, JP-H0989651-A: Thin-film infrared sensor patent, JP-H0990027-A: Device for discriminating sinuously advancing target patent, JP-H0990264-A: プロジェクタ等の照明装置 patent, JP-H0991368-A: 光学読取装置 patent, JP-H0991560-A: Sensor inspection tool patent, JP-H0991631-A: 磁気抵抗効果型磁気ヘッド及び複合型磁気ヘッド patent, JP-H0991702-A: Optical information recording device patent, JP-H0991940-A: 磁気ディスクドライバにおけるpcbのフレームへの取付構造 patent, JP-H099381-A: Wiring structure of speaker patent, JP-H0994944-A: インク記録式画像形成装置 patent, JP-H0995729-A: Vacuum heat treatment of steel material patent, JP-H0996114-A: 型枠支保工 patent, JP-H099621-A: Voltage resonance-type power supply apparatus patent, JP-H099645-A: Inverter apparatus patent, JP-H0996770-A: Synchronizing signal generating circuit for optical scanner patent, JP-H0997284-A: Ordering managing equipment patent, JP-H0997523-A: 絶縁電線及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H0997535-A: 車両用ペダルスイッチ patent, JP-H0997586-A: プラズマを用いた分析装置と方法、これに用いるインターフェース、及び、これに用いる試料導入部品 patent, JP-H0998607-A: 播種装置 patent, JP-H0998747-A: 蛸蒸し機 patent, JP-H0999661-A: Coating film for heat transfer output image patent, JP-H10100471-A: Thermal head controller patent, JP-H10101100-A: Container for packaging with seal-chuck and its manufacture patent, JP-H10101128-A: 結束紐 patent, JP-H10101477-A: 保護膜成膜装置 patent, JP-H10102437-A: 防汚性道路標識用反射板 patent, JP-H10102581-A: ストラットと構造部材 patent, JP-H10103110-A: Drive force control device patent, JP-H1010319-A: 偏光子およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H10103382-A: Static cylinder type power transmission device patent, JP-H10103521-A: Metal gasket provided with bead and flame coating layer patent, JP-H1010383-A: Cable for pneumatic leading in patent, JP-H10104614-A: Formation of high polymer liquid crystal film patent, JP-H10104816-A: Photomask and its production patent, JP-H1010523-A: 液晶表示装置 patent, JP-H10105350-A: 印刷制御装置、印刷システム、及び印刷制御方法 patent, JP-H10105791-A: Transaction medium issuing device patent, JP-H10105901-A: 磁気ディスクの検査方法 patent, JP-H10106874-A: 異方性磁石の製造方法 patent, JP-H10107194-A: Cooling body of water cooling semiconductor element stack and its manufacturing method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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