Original holder for photocomposing machine



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable a light shielding film to be extended/rewound all over the area of a glass plate by supporting the glass plate by an internal frame integrally connected with an external frame and housing a means for unwinding/ rewinding the light shielding film in a recessed part between the external frame and the internal frame. SOLUTION: This holder is equipped with the external frame 101 and the internal frame 102 integrally connected with the external frame 101, and the glass plate 41 is supported in the internal frame 102 and the light shielding film 100 is provided on the surface of the glass plate 41 on a side in contact with an original. A light shielding film derivative 155 stuck on one end of the film 100 passes between bakelite plates 157 and 159 and stuck on a moving body 161. The moving body 161 is fixed on a slider 165 while interposing a timing belt 163 in between so as to unwind/rewind the film 100 nearly all over the area of the glass plate 41 with the rotation of the belt 163. A driving mechanism (the moving body 161, the timing belt 163, etc.) for unwinding/rewinding the film 100 onto/from the glass plate 41 is housed in the recessed part 105 between the frames 101 and 102.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 「内面マスク方式」の殖版機において、しゃ 光膜をガラス板のほぼ全領域に亘って繰出し/巻戻しす ることのできる原稿ホルダーを提供する。 【解決手段】 外枠101と内枠102とを有し、この 内枠に支持されるガラス板41の原稿と接する側の板面 上に、繰出し/巻戻し自在なしゃ光膜100を設けた殖 版機の原稿ホルダーにおいて、しゃ光膜100をガラス 板41のほぼ全領域に亘って繰出し/巻戻しするための 駆動手段を設け、この駆動手段を外枠と内枠間に形成さ れる凹部105に収容したものである。




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