Objective-lens driving device



(57)【要約】 【課題】 駆動用の交差部を有する対物レンズ駆動装置 の駆動コイルにおいて、フォーカシング及びトラッキン グ制御を同時に行う場合に発生する磁界方向と電流方向 との関係に起因する対物レンズの光軸倒れ力の発生を防 止することを目的とする。 【手段】 一対の第1交差部同士を繋ぐコイル連結部分 に、コイル配置方向調整用の第2交差部を有した構成と し、上記一対の第1交差部と駆動用マグネットとの間の 磁界方向と電流方向との関係から発生する両交差部にお ける合力同士を相殺して可動ホルダーの光軸倒れを防止 したことを特徴とする。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the generation of force for optical-axis falling of an objective lens caused by the relationship between the direction of a magnetic field and the direction of current generated when focusing and tracking control are performed at the same time in the driving coil of an objective-lens driving device having driving intersection parts. SOLUTION: A second intersection part 7 for adjusting the arranging direction of a coil is provided at a coil linking part for linking a pair of first intersection parts 8 in this constitution. Then, both resultant forces at both intersection parts, which are generated based on the relationship of a magnetic-field direction 9 between the above described pair of the first intersection parts 8 and a driving magnet 4 and the direction of current, are offset. Thus, the falling of the optical axis of a movable holder 3 is prevented.




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