Dielectric porcelain composition



(57)【要約】 【目的】 30以上の誘電率、25000以上のQ・f 積及び絶対値が100ppm/℃以下の小さい共振周波 数の温度係数を有する誘電体磁器組成物を提供すること を目的とする。 【構成】 一般式としてNd(Ti 1-x Sn x )NbO 6 と表したとき、xが、0.00≦x≦0.50の範囲に あることを特徴とする誘電体磁器組成物によって構成さ れる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable a dielectric porcelain composition to have an appropriate size of dielectric coefficient, a high no-load Q value and a small temperature coefficient of resonance frequency and permit the temperature coefficient of the resonance frequency to arbitrarily vary around the center value of 0 by adding a main component represented by a specific general formula. SOLUTION: As starting materials, chemically high-purity Nd2 O3 , TiO2 , SnO2 and Nb2 O5 powders are weighed so that the composition ratio satisfies the general formula: Nd(Ti1-x Snx )NbO6 (0<=x<=0.5) to use as the main raw materials. One hundred pts.wt. of the main components are combined with at least one selected from oxides of Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni and Cu as the sub-components in amounts <=1.0 pts.wt. (except 0 pts.wt.) calculated as Cr2 O3 , MnO2 , Fe2 O3 , Co2 O3 , NiO and CuO, additionally cobblestone and pure water are mixed, then dehydrated and dried. Then, the product is charged in an alumina crucible and calcinated at about 1,100 deg.C. The calcinated powder and pure water are subjected to wet crushing, then dehydrated, dried, combined with an organic binder, sieved and graded, molded with a pressure of 1 ton/cm<2> , then fired in the air at 1,300-1,500 deg.C for 2-50 hours.




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