Fixed frame of partition or the like



(57)【要約】 【課題】開口の両側壁面に固定する間仕切のフレーム1 0であって、開口の巾木を取り外さなくても、又は巾木 をさけなくても取り付けることができるものを提供す る。 【解決手段】フレーム10の下端部にアンダーキャップ 20を脱着自在に固定し、そのアンダーキャップ20の 巾木2と接する側に角状の凹部15を形成し、その凹部 15の高さと横幅を巾木2の高さと横幅よりも大きく形 成し、そこにスポンジゴム30等の軟質部材をきっちり はめ込む。アンダーキャップ20の本体21は、壁面か ら水平に延長する上板部22と、その上板部の延長端か ら垂下する垂直板部23と、その垂直板部の着床端から 壁面とは反対の方向に延長する底板部24と、上板部2 2と底板部24の上面から立ち上がる突片26、27と から構成し、上板部22と垂直板部23によって区画さ れる凹部25にスポンジゴム30等の軟質部材をはめ、 接着剤で本体21に接着する。フレーム10の横断面は 少なくとも開口の前後方向に平行な前後側板部を有する 箱形、円字形、コ字形である。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To fit a partition frame fixed to both side wall faces of an opening, even if the baseboard of the opening is not removed or it is not avoided. SOLUTION: An undercap 20 is detachably fixed at the lower end of a frame 10 and a square recess 15 is formed on the side in contact with the baseboard 2 of the undercap 20. The height and the breadthwise width of the recess 15 are formed larger than the height and the breadthwise width of the baseboard 2. A soft material like sponge rubber 30 is tightly fitted. The body 21 of undercap 20 is constituted of an upper plate 22 horizontally extending from the wall face, a vertical plate 23 stretching down from the extended end of the upper plate, a bottom plate 24 extending opposite to the wall face from the position where the vertical plate reaches the floor, and projected pieces 26, 27 rising from the upper face of the upper plate 22 and the bottom plate 24. A soft material like sponge rubber is charged into the recess 25 which is partitioned by the upper plate 22 and the vertical plate 23 and stuck to the body 21 with an adhesive. The cross section of the frame 10 is shaped as a box-shape, a circular shape, or a U-shape at least provided with front and rear side plates parallel to the front and rear direction of the opening.




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