Inverted construction method combined with pre-strutting



(57)【要約】 【課題】 山留め壁として必要な壁厚は軟弱層が厚い場 合などの地盤の悪さには左右されることなく、壁杭の間 隔と側圧分布の大きさにより設計されるので非常に合理 的であり、経済的となり、壁杭の前面にソイルセメント で改良された地盤をもって鉛直板状の地中先行切ばりを 施工するだけで、敷地全面を改良したと同じ効果が期待 でき、施工の容易性および合理化、さらに、工費の節 減、工期の短縮が得られる。 【解決手段】 壁杭5をある間隔で構築し、本設地下外 壁位置に根切りに必要な長さの山留め壁4を構築し、ま た、構真柱6を構築し、壁杭5の前面に対面の壁杭にむ けて鉛直板状の地中先行切ばり7をソイルセメントで改 良された地盤をもって施工し、1階スラブ2をかけてか ら、躯体を根切りの進行にあわせて打ち下げていく逆打 ちを行い、根切り完了後地中先行切ばり7上に基礎梁ス ラブを構築する。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an effect the same as that brought about by overall improvement of a lot, to realize easy and rationalized execution of work, and to reduce cost while shortening term of works by a method wherein underground pre-struttings in upright plate shape are constructed in front of wall piles with the ground improved by soil cement with wall thickness necessary as a landslide protection wall being uninfluenced by poorness of the ground in such condition as having a thick layer of soft soil, and rationalness and economy being secured as designing is made with the distance between wall piles and largeness in lateral pressure distribution considered. SOLUTION: Wall piles 5 are erected at certain intervals, a landslide protection wall 4 in a length necessary for pit excavation is constructed at the position of a permanent underground external wall, permanent sub-structural columns 6 are constructed, and underground pre-struttings 7 in upright plate shape are constructed in front of the wall piles 5 with the ground improved by soil cement with each of the pre-struttings facing each of opposite wall piles. After installing a slab 2 for the first story, a skelton is constructed by inverted construction method in accordance with progress of pit excavation, and after completion of the pit excavation a foundation slab is constructed on the underground pre-struttings 7.




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