Head transferring mechanism of magnetic recording/ reproducing device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a head transferring mechanism of an inexpensive magnetic recording/reproducing device which has an improved assembly working efficiency and at the same time, can reduce the number of parts. SOLUTION: In a head transferring mechanism 17 where a hold case 19 is connected to the rear edge part of a carriage 18 with a hinge, a mounting stand 18p is formed at the tip center part of the carriage 18 and at the same time, an adhesive filling groove 18r and an escape groove are formed closely on the upper surface of the mounting stand 18p. Then, after placing a lower magnetic head 20 onto the mounting stand 18p, the lower surface of the lower magnetic head 20 is bonded and fixed to the mounting stand 18p with an adhesive 28 filled into the adhesive filling groove 18r.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 組立作業性に優れると共に、部品点数の削減 化が図れ、安価な磁気記録再生装置のヘッド移送機構を 提供する。 【構成】 キヤリッジ18の後端部にホールドケース1 9をヒンジ結合したヘッド移送機構17において、キヤ リッジ18の先端中央部に取付台18pを形成すると共 に、この取付台18pの上面に接着剤充填溝18rと逃 げ溝18sとを近接して形成し、下側磁気ヘッド20を 取付台18p上に載置した後、接着剤充填溝18r内に 充填された接着剤28によって、下側磁気ヘッド20の 下面を取付台18pに接着固定した。




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