Image pickup device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To record an image pickup result without missing an important recording opportunity by recording the image pickup result in a loop on a storage means in a stand-by state, starting the recording of the image pickup result on a recording medium when the stand-by state is released and finishing recording to the storage means at the same time. SOLUTION: A camcorder VTR 1 is set to the stand-by mode, a system control circuit 13 sets a memory control circuit 18 to the stand-by state, sets a digital video signal DV1 and a digital audio signal DA to be the stand-by mode to record these signals in a memory 16 successively and in a loop. When a camera man operates a recording button 15, the system control circuit 13 switches the operation mode of the whole of VTR 1 to be a recording mode to successively record the digital video signal DV1 and the digital audio signal DA, which are inputted, on a magnetic tape 2 and to stop the recording of these signals in the memory 16.
(57)【要約】 【課題】撮像装置に関し、例えばカメラ一体型ビデオテ ープレコーダにおいて、機動性の劣化を有効に回避し て、貴重な撮影の機会を逃すことなく記録できるように する。 【解決手段】規定の記憶手段16に順次循環的に撮像結 果DV1を記録し、記録媒体2に撮像結果DV1の記録 を開始する直前の規定時間の撮像結果DV1を、この記 憶手段16に保持する。




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