Device for discriminating sinuously advancing target



(57)【要約】 【目的】 レーダにより対空目標の追尾を行う際、観測 雑音が増大している場合での追尾目標の曲進状態につい て精度良く判定することを目的としている。 【構成】 追尾フィルタに入力される観測値及び前サン プリング時刻において算出された予測位置をもとに観測 残差を算出し、各サンプリング時刻ごとの観測残差を積 分することにより同一方向に現れる追尾遅れを容易に検 出できるように構成される。 【効果】 観測残差を積分することにより、レーダによ る観測誤差が増大した場合でも、サンプリング時刻ごと にランダムに発生する観測誤差が打ち消され、同一方向 に現れる追尾遅れのみが加算されるため精度良く目標曲 進を判定することが期待できる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable a device for identifying sinuously advancing target to accurately identify the sinuous advance of a target to be tracked even when the observation accuracy against the target deteriorates so as to improve the continuously tracking ability of the device by integrating observation residues calculated from predicted values and observed values. SOLUTION: An antenna system 1 radiates a beam in the directed position instructed from a beam controller 10 and, at the same time, receives reflected waves from a target. A target observing device 2 detects the target from received signals and calculates the three-dimensional observed values on a polar coordinate system. A coordinate transforming device 3 transforms the coordinate system of the observed values into a north-based orthogonal coordinate system from the polar coordinate system. An observation residue calculating device 5 calculates observation residues from the observed values and a predicted position outputted from an filter device 6 and a residue integrating device 7 finds an integrated residue value by integrating the observation residues. An integrated value identifying means 8 for sinuous advance identifies whether or not the target sinuously advances from the integrated residue value and the discriminated results of the device 8 are displayed on a sinuously advancing state displaying device 9 as recognizable information. The identification results are also sent to an gain calculating device 4.




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