Sensor inspection tool



(57)【要約】 【課題】 点検作業の時間効率が良く、且つ点検作業が 安全に行える感知器点検具を提供する。 【解決手段】 支持棒2と、支持棒の一端に取り付けら れ、感知器を挿入する感知器挿入空間部6d及び感知器 挿入空間部を包囲する外筒部6a及び検出対象発生源6 eを納める検出対象発生空間部6fを有する点検具本体 とを備えた感知器点検具において、感知器挿入空間部と 検出対象発生空間部とを非検査時には隔離し、検査時に は連通する隔離連通部を設けた。隔離連通部は、外筒部 内部に固着されて開口部を有する仕切り板8と、検出対 象発生空間部に設けられ開口部よりやや大きな制御板7 と、感知器を感知器挿入空間部に挿入したときに感知器 に押圧され制御板と接続されている当接板9と、当接板 と仕切り板とに取り付けられて制御板と仕切り板とを当 接させる方向に付勢する弾性体11とを有して構成し た。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide the sensor inspection tool which is good in the time efficiency of inspecting operation and makes the inspection safe. SOLUTION: The sensor inspection tool equipped with a support rod and an inspection tool main body 6 which is fitted to one end of the support rod and has a sensor insertion space part 6d where a sensor is inserted, an external cylinder part 6a which surrounds the sensor insertion space part 6d, and a detection object generation space part 6f wherein a detection object generation source 6e is stored is provided with an isolation and communication part which isolates the sensor insertion space part 6d and detection object generation space part 6f when no inspection is performed, and links them with each other when inspection is performed. The isolation and communication is constituted having a partition plate 8 which is fixed in the external cylinder part and has an opening part 8a, a control plate 7 which is provided for the detection object generation space part 6f and a little larger than the opening part 8a, an abutting plate 9 which is connected to the control plate 7 by being pressed by the sensor when the sensor is inserted into the sensor insertion space part 6d, and an elastic body 11 which is fitted to the abutting plate 9 and partition plate 8 and energizes the control plate 8 and partition plate 9 so that they abut against each other.




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