Vacuum heat treatment of steel material



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a vacuum heat treatment method of a steel material which can restrain or prevent the development of discoloration even in the case of raising the temp. in a short time. SOLUTION: The steel material 4 to be treated is charged into a vacuum furnace 1 by enclosing into a steel-made vessel 5 and on the other hand, an oxygen getter 6 occluding hydrogen is charged into the vacuum furnace 1 and/or the vessel 5 to execute the heat treatment. The hydrogen occluded in the oxygen getter 6 and the outgas (oxygen) discharged from the furnace wall in the temp. raising process are reacted to restrain the lowering of the vacuum degree in the furnace and then, the development of discoloration can be restrained or prevented even in the case of raising the temp. in the short time, and the heat treatment efficiency can be improved.
(57)【要約】 【課題】短時間昇温しても変色の発生が抑制もしくは防 止できる鋼材の真空熱処理方法を提供する。 【解決手段】被処理鋼材を鋼製容器内に封入して真空炉 に装入する一方、真空炉内または/および容器内に水素 を吸蔵させた酸素ゲッター材を装入配置して熱処理す る。 【効果】酸素ゲッター材に吸蔵させた水素と昇温過程で 炉壁から放出するアウトガス(酸素)とが反応して炉内 真空度の低下を抑制する結果、短時間昇温しても変色の 発生が抑制もしくは防止でき、熱処理能率の向上が図れ る。




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