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(57)【要約】 【目的】 より短いオン時間を有するPWM指令信号に 対するデッドタイム補償においても、異なる電流極性に 対して同じオン時間を有する出力電圧を出力可能とす る。 【構成】 指令信号補償回路9Uを、遅延回路16及び 17によって演算され、相電流Iuの極性に応じてスイ ッチにより切替えられて与えられる遅延時間だけPWM 指令信号Uの立上がりエッジ或いは立下がりエッジを遅 延させた補償指令信号Ucを出力し、デッドタイム補償 回路10Uを、補償指令信号Ucのオン時間tcが基準 デッドタイムTdよりも短く、且つ、相電流Iuの極性 が負の場合は、オン時間tcに等しいデッドタイム補償 値を補償指令信号Ucに加えるように構成した。
PURPOSE: To realize dead time compensation which has small distortion and torque ripple of an output current by adding a dead time compensating value changed depending on the on time or off time of a compensation command signal to the compensation command signal when the on or off time of the compensation command signal is shorter than the reference dead time. CONSTITUTION: A command signal compensation circuit 9U is calculated by delay circuits 16 and 17, and a compensation command signal Uc , which is obtained by delaying the rising edge or falling edge of the PWM command signal U as much as the delay time which is given through the switching of the switches 15 and 18 depending on the polarity of a phase current Iu , is outputted. When the on time of the compensation command signal Uc is shorter than the dead time and the polarity of the phase current Iu is negative, the dead time compensating circuit (10U) adds the dead time compensation value which is equal to the on time to the compensation command signal Uc . Therefore, since the on time of the output voltage can be set equal for the polarity of different phase currents Iu , distortion of an output voltage can be reduced.




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